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Foster City, CA 94404
Finally recovered all of my memory and identity after growing up in trauma. Now our 6/six foundations are determined to bring the sound and light frequencies that healed me, and so many others trauma survivors, to the public, through both wireless and wired technology. Please DO ask us! Princess Leia Lucas® Foundations, PLLF®/ Trusts, also: IFNBT®, NEWS®, RIGHTS®, FOSTER®, Life Force Recovery®; CSNP® Social Neuroscience Certifications; Full View®, developers of Digital Protected Producer® content licensing, DP®&©; 170+ websites/ listings, 9 million average daily viewers, millions more unique viewers, per Google, daily content searches from up to 30,000 other publishers. +1-650-349-8384; PLL at PrincessLeiaLucas dot org; 750 Alma Lane, #8231, Foster City, CA 94404; https://princessleialucas.webnode.com/ ; https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/brain-transmissions-heal-us-princess-leia-lucas/ ; https://paper.li/e-1529792897#/ ; https://princessleialucas.wordpress.com/ ; https://princessleialucas.wixsite.com/mysite ;
https://www.PrincessLeiaLucas.org ;