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Roger Grace Associates
Founder & President

Roger H. Grace is president of Roger Grace Associates (RGA), a marketing consulting firm specializing in high technology, which he founded in 1982 in San Francisco, California. His background includes over 40 years in analog circuit design engineering, manufacturing engineering, application engineering, project management, product marketing, and technology consulting. Mr. Grace has 15 years of experience as a microwave/R.F. design and project engineer at Avco Missile Systems, Wilmington Massachusetts; Raytheon Company in Sudbury Massachusetts and Goleta California and Ford Aerospace and Communications in Palo Alto, California. His responsibilities included the design, development and test of microwave antenna and microwave components and systems for military, defense and commercial communications applications. He was a senior product marketing engineer for three years at Avantek (now Hewlett Packard) in Santa Clara, California. His duties included the sales and marketing of the company’s microwave semiconductors, microwave monolithic integrated circuits (MMICs), amplifiers and oscillators into the military communications market. He was employed at Foxboro I.C.T., a pioneer in MEMS pressure sensors, as its marketing manager for three years. He was responsible for developing and executing an integrated marketing communications (MARCOM) program and conducting market research into emerging application areas for the company’s existing products in addition to creating new products. Here he was instrumental in helping create the disposable blood pressure transducer which is currently one of the largest applications of MEMS devices at over 30 million units per year.

Mr. Grace has specialized in sensors for over 30 years with a focus on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and nanotechnology and is widely acknowledged internationally as one of the leaders and pioneers of this industry. He has authored over 60 technical papers; organized, chaired and spoken at numerous international technical sessions; and authored the automotive section of the Battelle Frankfurt (Germany) market research report on Micromechanics. He is the co-author of the chapter “Commercialization of Microsystems” which appeared in the MANCEF International Microsystems Roadmap as well as the chapter “MEMS, Microsystems, Micromachines: Commercializing an Emergent Disruptive Technology” which appears in the SPIE publication MEMS and MOEMS: Technology and ApplicationsHe is a frequent editorial contributor to Sensors, Small Times, Electronic Products, MST News (Germany), Euro-Asia Semiconductor and the Micro Nano Newsletter of R&D Magazine. Mr. Grace has been quoted as a pundit in many technical and business magazines including Forbes, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, EETimes, Small Times, Electronic Design and Sensors.

Roger Grace Associates’ clients include National Science Foundation (US) , Bain Capital, Thomson (France), Electronic Corporation of Israel, FTEC /The French Government, Eaton, Omron, (Japan), State of Michigan, Sandia National Laboratories, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Applied Materials, Texas Instruments, Seagate, Oki Semiconductor (Japan), Triquint Semiconductor, GE NovaSensor, Coventor, H.P., B.F.Goodrich, Emerson and Cuming, Zyvex, Cherry Electric, EV Group (Austria), Austria Microsystems (Austria), UMC (Taiwan), Applied Materials, Measurement Specialties, SiTime, SVTC, Tegal, Endevco, ATK, Jenoptik Mikrotechnik (Germany) and many of the leading companies in the sensors, microsystems, semiconductor, capital equipment, microwave/R.F., Micro and Nanotechnology business.

He has served on a number of industry committees including Chair of the Marketing Committee for the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) Sensor Manufacturers’ Division, and Chair of the Marketing Committee for the IEEE 1451 Smart Transducer Communications Interface Standard. He is a co-founder and has served as Vice President and as President of the Micro and Nanotechnology Educational Foundation (MANCEF), Co-chair of the Commercialization of Microsystems and Nanosystems Conference (COMS) 2003 and 2004, and a member of the steering committee of the Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications (AMAA) Conference in Berlin, Germany starting in 2000. He was the Development Chairman of IEEE Electron Device Society’s Transducers 2003, Chairman of Media Programs for Transducers 2009 and 2011, member of the organizing committee for the MEMS Technology Summit in October 2010 and for the Smart Systems Integration Conference in Dresden Germany in March 2011. He was the Chairman of the Marketing Committee for the CANEUS 2006 Conference (MEMS and Nanotechnology in Aerospace). In 2006, Mr. Grace was a finalist in the Small Times Magazine “Advocate of the Year” award.

He serves as a member of the editorial advisory board of Sensors Magazine, ECN, NASA Nano TechBriefs, Small Times, and the R&D Magazine Micro/Nano Newsletter. He serves on Northeastern University's School of Engineering Industrial Advisory Board, Nanomanufacturing Research Center and National Council. He is a member of the strategic advisory board of the University of Michigan’s Wireless Microsystems Center (WIMS). He is a member of the board of directors for the Florida Manufacturing Extension Program. Mr. Grace was a visiting lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley from 1990 to 2003 and a guest lecturer at San Jose State University, Wayne State University, University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, University of California Irvine, University of Texas Arlington, Northeastern University and Boston University. He is the recipient of the “Outstanding Engineering Alumni of the Year Award” in 2004 from Northeastern University.

His educational background includes a BSEE and MSEE (as a Raytheon Company Graduate Fellow) from Northeastern University, and the MBA program at the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley.