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Wednesday, June 28


EM1: Minimizing the Complexity of Hardware, Code, and Cloud Development for Embedded Devices

To develop and deploy wireless embedded devices usually requires outside developers for hardware, code development, and a cloud development and implementation.  This session describes a new generation of integrated development suites that make it possible.

avatar for Mihir Dani

Mihir Dani

Engineering Manager, Anaren, Inc.
Mihir Dani is currently Manager of Applications Engineering for Anaren’s IOT Group. Mihir has significant experience architecting and developing IOT/Connected Product solutions, M2M communications, and end-product certifications. Mihir has worked with Anaren Microwave since 2009... Read More →

Wednesday June 28, 2017 10:00am - 10:50am
Meeting Room 211C


EM2: Getting Started with an RTOS on the Raspberry Pi
There's a lot of dogma and disinformation around using an RTOS. When, if at all, is one needed? Aren't they complex, greedy, expensive? How or where do I start? This session will introduce the key concepts behind a RTOS, typical features, development tools and system requirements. eCosPro on Raspberry Pi will be used as a rapid prototyping platform to illustrate determinism, drivers and more, before migrating in moments to a highly constrained Cortex-M. Glorified super-loop be gone!

avatar for Daniel Morris

Daniel Morris

Sales & Marketing Director, eCosCentric
Daniel brings to eCosCentric a sharp customer focus honed over the last 19 years in high volume consumer electronics and software sales. His commercial expertise, intimate knowledge of the embedded market and eCos experience are a great asset to eCosCentric. Prior to joining eCosCentric... Read More →

Wednesday June 28, 2017 11:00am - 11:50am
Meeting Room 211C


EM3: RTOS Design Techniques for Sensor Based Systems

Embedded Systems are becoming more complex and requiring more advanced design techniques in order to maintain the systems real-time performance. Employing an RTOS is a good step towards managing real-time complexity but there are many pitfalls that developers can encounter such as priority inversions and deadline. In this session, attendees will learn not only about RTOS fundamentals but how to avoid common pitfalls using RTOS synchronization tools, how to debug an RTOS based system and how to properly manage memory.

avatar for Jacob Beningo

Jacob Beningo

President, Beningo Embedded Group
Jacob Beningo is an embedded software consultant who currently works with clients in more than a dozen countries to dramatically transform their businesses by improving product quality, cost and time to market. He has published more than 200 articles on embedded software development... Read More →

Wednesday June 28, 2017 1:30pm - 2:20pm
Meeting Room 211C


EM4: Secure Network Infrastructure for Industrial IoT

This session will focus on core network infrastructure issues related to securely transporting data from millions of Industrial sensors in a slew of verticals to applications residing in public/private/Hybrid clouds. Understand the various security issues from protecting the Industrial asset to securing the data transport to isolation of sensor sub-system to minimize hack proliferation. Explore the provisioning and management issues as scale, OoS/WAN optimization, and edge analytics.

avatar for Ron Victor

Ron Victor

CEO, IoTium
Ron Victor is a Silicon Valley-based technology entrepreneur with 20 years of experience and expertise launching new ventures at startups and Fortune 1000 technology companies. To date he has enabled raising more than $30 million in startup capital for multiple startups in Silicon... Read More →

Wednesday June 28, 2017 2:30pm - 3:20pm
Meeting Room 211C


EM5: Is Your Data Acquisition System Ready for Big Analog Data?

With the proliferation of sensing and networking technologies, adding measurements to systems has never been easier and more cost-effective. This opportunity to uncover new insights comes at the risk of spending more time searching for and analyzing multiple data sets. Learn how proper metadata documentation, custom triggering, and the right analysis technique will help you save only the data needed to make informed decisions. This presentation will also explore lessons learned from the Jaguar Land Rover R&D Powertrain test team which generated and analyzed over 500 GB of data per day from more than 200 dataloggers.


Anjelica Warren

Product Marketing Manager, National Instruments
Anjelica Warren is a Product Marketing Manager for Data Acquisition at National Instruments. In her role, she has seen a wide breadth of applications across many industries including automotive, aerospace, and scientific research. Her main focus is to ensure success with NI products... Read More →

Wednesday June 28, 2017 3:30pm - 4:20pm
Meeting Room 211C
Thursday, June 29


EM6: ARMv8-M TrustZone Security for Cortex-M Processors

Security has become an important issue for many microprocessor systems especially those IoT platforms connected to the Internet. Sensors need to be connected to a microprocessor and there must be security schemes present to prevent hacking and ultimate loss of system control. ARM Cortex-M processors are widely used in such systems.  With ARMv8-M architecture, TrustZone hardware is added to provide a trusted system to be implemented.  This includes hardware security such as sensors, GPIO and wireless.


Robert Boys

Product Manager, ARM
Bob has been deeply involved in the embedded world for 20 years.  This includs working with development tools such as compilers, in-circuit emulators and automotive networks such as CAN.  Bob has published many articles and application notes as well as technical talks about ARM... Read More →

Thursday June 29, 2017 10:00am - 10:50am
Meeting Room 211C


EM7: IoT Industrial Protocols

Internet of Things (IoT), according to IEEE, is a self-configuring and adaptive system consisting of networks of sensors and smart objects whose purpose is to interconnect “all” things, including every day and industrial objects, in such a way as to make them intelligent, programmable and more capable of interacting with humans.

Industry experts indicate that the market of billions of IoT devices cannot be materialized without achieving interoperability, security and the capability to remotely control and update IoT constrained devices. In this session, you will learn how a device management protocol called Lightweight M2M achieves these three objectives.

LightweightM2M (LwM2M) has been developed by Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) which is the leading industry forum for developing market driven, interoperable mobile service enablers.

In this session, you will learn how the OMA LwM2M device management protocol works and how it reuses the work done by other organizations such as IETF, IPSO Alliance, and Eclipse Foundation.

Presenter will walk through the steps involved and schematic of IoT systems and share few examples of integration of Industrial sensors to the IoT cloud platform. The mechanism to transport the LwM2M payload which is done over CoAP developed by IETF. The data model used to represent the network sensors provided by IPSO alliance standards will also be demonstrated.

avatar for Shiva Mathapathi

Shiva Mathapathi

Co-Founder and CTO, Dew Mobility
Shivakumar Mathapathi is the Co-Founder and CTO of Dew Mobility. He is the Team Lead for Global City team challenge hosted by National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST USA). Shivakumar has over 25 years of experience in product development, design and faculty. Mathapathi... Read More →

Thursday June 29, 2017 11:00am - 11:50am
Meeting Room 211C


EM8: Embedded Machine Learning Accelerating Innovation for the IoT Long-tail

Attendees will learn how best Embedded Machine Learning with Sensing Fusion can enable the upcoming innovative use-cases from the highly fragmented IoT long-tail small companies and single-digit developers to prototype and deploy connected sensing products.

avatar for Nicolas Sauvage

Nicolas Sauvage

Senior Director, Ecosystem Marketing, InvenSense Inc.
Nicolas Sauvage is Sr. Director of Ecosystem, responsible for all strategic relationships, including Google and Qualcomm, and other HW/SW/System companies. He is also responsible for strategic and market-driven goal-setting of our SensorStudio developer program, and driving select... Read More →

Thursday June 29, 2017 1:30pm - 2:20pm
Meeting Room 211C


EM9: Data Aquisition and Analysis with Linux

Gain an overview of the Linux Control and Measurement Interface for Data Acquisition and Analysis while learning the basics of data acquisition and analysis with Linux along with the basics of motion control.  Additional introductions to the real time extensions to the Linux kernel along with developer recommendations will be provided.

avatar for Dan Naughton

Dan Naughton

Field Sales Engineer, CONTEC DTx Inc.

Thursday June 29, 2017 2:30pm - 3:20pm
Meeting Room 211C