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Greg McCutchan

Creative Leap Technologies
Founder & CEO
Phoenix, Arizona Area
Spoiler Alert - Why I’m Attending:
I'm interested in having discussions with potential co-founders! If you have leadership or other on point skills to help get a company started, a product out the door, or first revenue, please reach out to me for a conversation. In particular, I am interested in building a founding team by including people who can organize and execute software development or plan and execute marketing and sales operations. Consider truly innovating with us! Reach me at g.mccutchan@creativeleaptech.com

About Me:
I'm a career architect & innovator spanning hardware and software solutions with a sustained focus on parallel systems of every kind but especially in big data. I’ve lead teams to exceptional success at a global scale. Creative Leap Technologies was formed to create products in the intersection between the Internet of Things, Big Data, Supercomputing and Cognitive Systems. Find out more on LinkedIn or here: https://www.creativeleaptech.com/meet-the-team/

About the Product:
IoT CatalystTM leverages the flexibility of fog computing to allow industrial, oil & gas, transportation, intelligence agency and healthcare customers to form their own perfect sensing and analysis system. IoT Catalyst will make informed action possible by getting the right data to the right analyses at the right place and time. Due to its flexibility, IoT Catalyst can adapt and keep up with rapidly evolving situations.

IoT CatalystTM solves critical gaps in the evolving IoT applications landscape by connecting the dots between front end edge computing and back end big data analysis, to ensure delivery of all known insights in time to act – be they from experts, big data analysis, AIs or expert systems.

By curating and analyzing data in flight IoT CatalystTM will excel at another missing feature – wide angle situational awareness and intuitive understanding with drill down – delivering exceptional monitoring overlaid by exceptional analytics.

These same capabilities will make IoT CatalystTM an excellent planning tool to design and simulate an IoT sensor deployment. Use IoT Catalyst to plan, test, deploy, learn from and adapt sensor deployments.

Let’s Talk. The design and market has been vetted. The numbers have been crunched. Let’s deliver together!